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Spiders are skilled predators that use their webs to trap unsuspecting prey. While most spiders are harmless, finding spiders in your home can cause levels of distress and discomfort. Even though spiders are essential to our ecosystem, they are still widely feared by many. Spiders have become reviled over time as one of the creepiest and most feared pests.

Spider control is necessary when you have poisonous spiders, problematic populations, or spider infestation. If this was to happen, it’s necessary to contact a pest control professional like Accu-Pest Exterminating. 

Spider Control Lafayette, La

According to live science, there are 40,000 different types of spider species around the world. They exist on every continent except for Antartica. In Louisiana, there are only 32 different types of species of spiders according to SpiderID. While that is significantly less than 40,000, that doesn’t mean fears of Louisiana residents are any less. 

Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, is something plenty of people suffer from and such fear is not always unfounded. It is true that some spider species are beneficial, helping to control obnoxious insect pests by feeding on them. Other kinds of spiders not so much. 

At Accu-Pest Exterminating, we no Lafayette or Lake Charles homeowner wants to deal with spiders whether they are poisonous or not. We work hard and efficiently to make sure we handle your spider problem.  

Spider control Lafayette, La


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Signs You Have a Spider Problem

Increased Spotting Of Spiders

This one is pretty obvious. Seeing more spiders than usual around your home. While it's normal to encounter the occasional spider, an increase in sightings could indicate a larger problem. This is particularly true if you're seeing different types of spiders, as this could mean that multiple species have taken up residence in your home.

Spider Webs

Be on the lookout for webs in corners, behind furniture, and in other hidden areas. Some spiders prefer to build their webs in dark, secluded areas, so be sure to check attics, and crawl spaces as well. Spiders create webs to catch their prey, so finding an abundance of webs in and around your home is a clear indication of a spider infestation.

Increased Dead Insects

Spiders feed on insects, so if you're finding an increased number of dead insects in or around your home, when you have done nothing to cause the insects to be dead, it could be a sign that spiders are present and actively hunting. Pay close attention to window sills, baseboards, and other areas where insects may be trapped and become easy prey for spiders.

Egg Sacs

Female spiders lay their eggs in small, silk-wrapped sacs. If you find these egg sacs in your home, it's a sign that a spider infestation is present and likely growing. Depending on the species, a single egg sac can contain hundreds of eggs, so it's crucial to address the issue as soon as possible.

Bites Or Skin Irration

While most spider bites are harmless, some species, like the brown recluse and black widow, can cause painful bites and even serious health complications. If you or a family member experiences unexplained bites or skin irritations, it's possible that dangerous spiders are present in your home.

Spider Fact #1

Female spiders can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time. These eggs are housed in one or more silk sacs. 

Some females will die shortly after laying eggs while others will carry spiderlings on their backs or share prey with them.

Spider Fact #2

Most spiders have eight eyes, but some, like the brown recluse spider, only have six. Spiders typically have a main set that can create images while the secondary sets can only detect light and shadow. Even with all these eyes, spiders are known to not be able to see far distances. Therefore, they are nearsighted.

Spider Fact #3

Not all spiders can jump but there are some that can. They jump up to 50x their own height. They use this when trying to hunt or escape predators.

They alter the pressure of fluids in their legs resulting in a springing motion that propels the spiders forward.


If you need service, fill out this quick form or give us a call at 337-247-1292

How to deal with a spiders

Remember, spiders don’t like you as much as you don’t like them. They don’t even want to eat your food like most pest do. If you believe you have a spider problem, then it’s time to take action. Call Accu-Pest Exterminating and we will handle your spider issue. Start today by contacting us.  

Try These At Home Steps To Help With Spiders:

  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free to reduce hiding spots for spiders.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior to prevent spiders from entering.
  • Regularly vacuum and dust to remove webs, egg sacs, and spiders themselves.
  • Use insecticides or natural repellents like peppermint oil to deter spiders.
  • Have a preventative pest control program that treats regularly for not only spiders but other insects. 

Spider FAQs

Spiders have all sorts of clever ways to find their way into your home. Due to their small size, they can work their way through cracks or holes that are barely visible to the human eye.

Common points of entry for spiders include air vents, doorways and windows, gaps around plumbing and electricity, and unfilled holes or cracks. They can also be found in produce or other products you bring into your home.

Generally speaking, the most common types of poisonous spiders you’ll encounter are the black widow and brown recluse. The black widow is clearly recognizable from the large red hourglass-shaped marking visible on their abdomen. The brown recluse can be slightly more difficult to identify, but it’s certainly possible to do. Look for violin-shaped marking on top of the thorax, as this is their most distinguishing feature. 

Spiders typically show up in dark, out of the way places such crawl spaces and attics. Some species of spider are particularly drawn to moisture, while others seek out dry areas in your home.

Why Choose Accu-Pest

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With our 24-hour response time, we ensure that you will have your pest control issue addressed immediately, rather than waiting days or even weeks for assistance

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We do something most pest control companies don't. We offer one time service meaning you don't have to have a contract for us to help you with your needs.

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We put you and your needs first. We’ll never try to sell you something that you don’t need, and we’ll never use a product or treatment method that we don’t believe in.

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When you hire us, your service is 100% guaranteed! If you are unhappy with your results, simply call us and we will come back to reapply treatment.

After service, we will check in to discuss the treatment and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with several recommendations about how to keep your property free of cockroaches. Although it’s tempting to assume that once your problem is taken care of, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. The truth is that without making any lifestyle changes, you’re likely to see a new infestation develop in the future.

By maintaining a clean, clutter-free environment as well as eliminating food waste, grease, and other messes from countertops, tables, cooking surfaces, you can go a long way in preventing an infestation. If you don’t integrate these steps along with the treatment we provide, our efforts will be for naught, and the roaches will return. It’s a tedious process, but one that is required to eliminate roaches in their entirety. When we work together, we can ensure you’ll have a roach-free home or business for the long haul.

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